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    I sent and email to dan @ and received a call back. Sprint has not received an update from HP engineers and there is no update today. They didn't say when or if an update will be available. They knew of the update for Verizon but haven't received it from HP either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    Where's Zacky59 when we need him?
    prolly hiding -___-"
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    That was close. I almost blinked. Nexus S, here I come. See some of you on AndroidCentral next week! I may take a look at the TouchPad when it comes out, but done with the Pre. Great fun while it lasted.
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    I'm pretty sure that we are getting at least 1 update from HP. But I doubt it will be an webOS 2.x update.
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    Hey, im so sorry guys, looks like no update today, Sprint lied. BUT still webOS 2.x COMING VERY SOON? a Sprint rep say's theyre working furiously, and cannot decide on a date because "Competitive Competition" which means they're waiting for something to release so they can compete with it? i guess.. Anyways take a look at the chat session!once again im so sorry..) -

    5:37:44 PM : Connected to

    5:37:44 PM : Session ID: 2719225

    5:37:44 PM : Zack Jaghab: Initial Question/Comment: are you Releasing webOS 2.x today for my Palm Pixi?

    5:37:49 PM : You are next in queue...

    5:37:54 PM : Please wait and the next available account specialist will be with you shortly.

    5:38:15 PM : Samuel G has joined this session!

    5:38:15 PM : Connected with Samuel G. Your Reference Number for this chat session is 2719225.

    5:38:15 PM : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Samuel G.

    5:38:29 PM : Samuel G: I am happy to help you.

    5:38:42 PM : Zack Jaghab: Thanks, i thought the update was today?

    5:39:34 PM : Samuel G: Sure, I will assist you with this.

    5:39:39 PM : Zack Jaghab: Thanks.

    5:39:44 PM : Samuel G: Let me check this for you.

    5:39:44 PM : Samuel G: You are welcome.

    5:41:39 PM : Samuel G: Thank you for waiting.

    5:41:43 PM : Zack Jaghab: No probelm

    5:42:34 PM : Samuel G: I am sorry, currently we do not have any update about webOS 2.x.

    5:42:47 PM : Samuel G: Our team are working on this.

    5:42:55 PM : Samuel G: And this will be done soon,.

    5:42:58 PM : Zack Jaghab: A lot of people were told we'd get the update today...

    5:43:09 PM : Samuel G: I am sorry foe that.

    5:43:22 PM : Zack Jaghab: Have you gotten a lot of customers concered with that today?

    5:44:34 PM : Samuel G: But we do not have any update about this launch. However, we keep on making changes on the feedback of our valuable customers like you.

    5:45:05 PM : Samuel G: Also, our Technical Team is working to make this launch available and very soon, we will come up with the 2.0 update.

    5:45:30 PM : Zack Jaghab: Um... now very soon... does that mean by the end of may?

    5:45:40 PM : Samuel G: However, due to competitive reasons, we do not have any launch dates available.

    5:45:54 PM : Samuel G: I am sure you understand the market competitive reasons.

    5:46:14 PM : Zack Jaghab: Yeah, but if you were going up against iPhone, that would be in the summer,

    5:46:20 PM : Zack Jaghab: and you said SOON

    5:46:49 PM : Samuel G: I am sorry but I do not want to set any incorrect expectations.

    5:47:14 PM : Samuel G: As, we do not have any launch dates, we cannot comment on that.

    5:47:24 PM : Samuel G: When the 2.0 will be launched, you will be informed.

    5:47:38 PM : Zack Jaghab: Ok, but have you guys gotten a lot of chats about webOS recentely? because there are a lot of people thought it was today including myself..

    5:48:19 PM : Samuel G: Yes, we are receiving the chats regarding this update and we have informed all the customers about this.

    5:48:40 PM : Zack Jaghab: Well, does Sprint know we like REALLY badly want the update?

    5:49:15 PM : Samuel G: Yes and this is the reason, our Technical Team is working to launch this update.

    5:49:57 PM : Zack Jaghab: Mkay... And one more thing, is it webOS software version: WebOS 2.0, WebOS 2.1, or WebOS 2.2

    5:50:29 PM : Samuel G: That will be 2.0.

    5:50:36 PM : Zack Jaghab: Oh, Okay.

    5:50:41 PM : Zack Jaghab: Well,

    5:51:35 PM : Zack Jaghab: So you guys have it finished but can't finalize it until something new is released to go up against it, such as Iphone 5, or Blackberry (whatevers next)

    5:52:00 PM : Samuel G: Yes.

    5:52:16 PM : Zack Jaghab: well very soon..... Theres no devices releasing soon...

    5:53:05 PM : Samuel G: I am sorry, Whenever our technical team will complete their work on this we will launch this for our customer.

    5:53:35 PM : Samuel G: There is no reason of launching new phone against the 2.0.

    5:53:44 PM : Zack Jaghab: ..? what

    5:54:13 PM : Zack Jaghab: anyways Ok, thanks for the effort.. i guess.

    5:54:17 PM : Zack Jaghab: BYEE
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    Soon SOon SOON! I'm tired of hearing that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacky59 View Post
    5:45:05 PM : Samuel G: Also, our Technical Team is working to make this launch available and very soon, we will come up with the 2.0 update.

    That line tells me that (besides they reps don't have much clue) there's *hardware* due out. Not a wimpy OS bump. This is because of the use of the word "launch". I've never seen software update releases refered as "launch". Just new phones. Is this subliminal hope that the Pre3 is coming despite the one on P|C not being CDMA ready?


    I just hope this isn't a Veer or the dumb keyboardless one...
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    i dunno
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    Veer isnt coming to sprint
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    Obviously it's not GSM
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacky59 View Post
    Obviously it's not GSM
    the veer is GSM.
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    yes, i know. which obviously isnt sprint..
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    I'm really starting to lose hope that Sprint even cares about their pixi's despite that they still sell. Not like Big Macs, but they still sell.
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    they said, they're releasing it, but they're waiting for a competetaor?
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    Hmm. It doesn't seem to make any sense but my guess is that they're waiting for Verizon or At&t to release an update and then Sprint will do so as well.
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    yeah, im sure they're coming out with SOME update, and they keep saying, "REALLY SOON" so i think we had enough people contact them about this.
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    And if they don't, they cheated...
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    haha, Yep.!
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    oh well, i want my pre3 or stingray
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    I don't believe Sprint reps. I think at this point they just say what people want to hear.
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