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    Hello everyone please help me... i have bought a Palm Pixi Plus for my girlfriend and it boots perfect without and with the sim except when i get to the language select and after i select the language i want the circle thing just rotates and thats it i have left it for about 15 mins and still nothing the battery is fully charged i have also tried with other sim cards and i have re installed the 1.4.5 Pixi Plus firmware and still does the same... please help as its her birthday and she wants to play its locked to 02 and i am using O2 sims
    thanks and regards Sam
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    sam, I can't help with this prob, but I can help by askin a few questions for someone who is more qualified.

    1 is it a new or refurbed phone?
    2 are the sim cards your using active on the O2 network or expired?
    3 have you run the bypass activation tool, and then run the first use app?
    4 when you bought the phone, what version of webos was installed?

    sorry to answer your question with questions, but if I was you, I would use the bypass activation tool, and just use wifi while I worked on the problem.
    Stantri Nineco
    Austin Based Freelance Writer
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    Good morning, thanks for the quick reply,
    1a. the phone is brand new
    2a.brand new pay as you go card and i also tried my O2 card which i use in my Pre
    3a.i have not run the bypass activation tool... (what is it and how do i use it)
    4a.i belive it was 1.4.1 and i have updated it to 1.4.5 from the palm website using my seriel number from behind the battery

    Thanks again regards Sam
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    Do a google search for:
    palm pixi bypass activation

    I'm not 100% that i can link to other forums here, so I am going to RECOMMEND you click the search result "Palm Pre & Pixi Bypassing the Activation Process" (Should be first result, for howardforums [Sorry]).

    Scroll down to post #10 for a 3 step process to bypass the First Use App (The language selection screen, carrier contact).

    After following these steps the first use app will "dissapear" or go away, and you will boot straight into your pixi's webOS.

    Let me know if this is the answer you were looking for!
    Stantri Nineco
    Austin Based Freelance Writer
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    Have you tried to doctor it?
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    Also, there is a patch you can install through preware to run the first app after you bypass it. I use a CDMA/verizon pixi plus so idk about a GSM/Sim like the one you bought your gf... BUT...

    I believe if you bypass the activation, you can at least boot up. Then you can install preware onto it, and find the patch to run "first use app". The reason why i think you should bypass it is because at present, it locks up on you, and you cant get around it. If you bypass it, then load it from webOS' launcher, you can use the gesture area to minimize/close it instead of rebooting everytime.

    Here are some links you should check out.

    Palm's Guide to Bypassing Activation (Manufacturer of the Pixi!)

    And of course, the Precentral Community provides this data:

    I would check out both prior to the bypass activation process just to familiarize yourself with the steps. Also, if you want to undo the bypass activation, you can go to system info and do a full erase, which will restore it to factory settings, or you can Web Doctor it.

    Sorry about the delay/gap in posting this second reply, i had to boost my posts to 10 before i could post links....
    Stantri Nineco
    Austin Based Freelance Writer
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    here you can find info how to create metadoctored firmware image without first use app and language selection.
    remember, leave activation on, and just disable first use app.

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