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    Hey guys, here's my story. I got my first smartphone (Motorola Backflip) in March 2010. I had it for two weeks and then took it back to at&t. I kept my upgrade until June, when I upgraded to the iPhone 4. I had that for 4 months and then I gave it to my father in exchange for his iPhone 3G and his upgrade, which I used to get a palm pre plus. After 3 months, I sold them both and got a Motorola Bravo, had that for a month and then bought a Motorola Atrix 4G. I had the Atrix 4G for a month and then sold the Bravo and Atrix 4G and bought a Google Nexus S. I had that for a week and then returned it and bought an HTC Inspire 4G. I had that for a week and then I sold it and right now I'm about to order a palm pixi plus from Amazon.

    So, what I have learned from all of this? First, that I DON'T need to have the latest hardware. I had the Atrix 4G, and guess what? It's dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and qHD display did nothing for me. I realized that I don't need the latest and greatest, I need something pocketable, fast, and fun. I only text, email, and use social networking sites. I'm not at all a power user. Second, I learned that I don't like android. I hate having to go through three + steps to change settings or kill an app. In the end, I realized that, by far, webOS is my favorite operating system. I'm back, for good, and to stay. Now, I can't decide between a pixi plus or pre plus!
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    should have waited for the veer or picked up a pre 2.
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    You're right "UntidyGuy", I was becoming obsessed with having the best mobile handset available. Not anymore, though. I have an upgrade on June 30th, which I will most likely use to get the Veer. No, I will not get an iPhone 5 because I didn't like iOS.
    I just ordered my brand new pixi plus from Amazon for 174.99, no tax and free 2-day shipping! I'm getting it Thursday, and that will hold me off until I get Veer, which I will have for the rest of 2011, until the Veer succesor is released. I WILL prove you wrong.

    You too TongueTiedBarry.
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    great thread...i am the polar opposite...i keep phones till they die...which is why I have to decide on a pre2 my original minus is on it's death bed...i get attached to my custom setups and WebOs makes cloning your phone easy with the profile and save restore...not sure how you managed so many phones in a short time
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    It was crazy. I did it via KSL classifieds. I have vowed to only get a new phone when I have an upgrade and only if the new device is a worthy upgrade (not pixi to pixi plus type upgrade).
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    I keep phones until they die or I need something new that requires new hardware. For me, it was faster tethering than I could do with my centro.

    I agree with the previous post that the Pre2 or Veer are probably your best option.
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    If I were you id go with a Pre 2 definitely. Given your phone history I dont think you will be satisfied with the lack of screen realestate on the pixi or veer.
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    the Pixi+ is awesome for texting, email and social stuff. I went from a Pre+ to the Pixi for three months, thinking I'd switch back and forth and I only went back to the Pre twice, the second time only for a day. I've got a Pre 2 now, and probably wont' go back to the Pixi (the 2 is light years better than the + in both quality and features/speed)

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    I say wait for the Veer. You won't be disappointed ;-)
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    The "palm store"? Is that the store on HP's site?
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    Quote Originally Posted by arpena View Post
    Palm Pixi, plus is only $50, plus tax at the palm store (w/ unlock code); at&t, verizon, sprint.

    What do you mean by "w/ unlock code" At&t, Verizon, Sprint? Does it mean it can be used with either company.

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    Oh, I see. Well, I'm not driving from Utah to California just to get a pixi plus for $50. Thanks for that info, though. I just received my pixi plus from Amazon. I'm going to do an un-boxing video, because there's only two on YouTube and they're not that good.
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    Is there a site for the "palm store"?

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