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    I dropped my original Pre down the toilet last week (yuch) and it gave up and died. I have only 2 months of my contract left so I thought I'd get a Pixi Plus to see me out until the Pre3 comes out. Searching online, I found someone in a shop just 5 miles from me selling a Pixi at a great price so I went to buy it. But it is not a normal retail Pixi. Does anyone know anything about the package I have bought? I am worried it is not a retail Pixi and that Palm are going to disable the phone somehow.

    It came in the larger than normal box; nothing like the retail version -

    It contains loads of pamphlets and information on Palm such as: "Why Palm Means Business", "Palm WebOS Security Overview for Enterprise", and "Mobility Without Boundaries" etc

    There was also a touchstone charger, a USB cable, a touchstone back-cover and a mains adaptor.

    Most interesting was a USB stick - this contains:
    6 Demo Videos -
    • Apps Working Together
    • Charging With Touchstone
    • Conversations in one place
    • Different calanders in One View
    • Hands-Free with Touchstone
    • and Multi-Tasking Made Easy

    and also 5 PDFs of product information and a sales training Powerpoint presentation called 'Sales Workshop Deck'

    Does anyone know what this is?

    photos at

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    sounds like a unit packaged for salespeople at the verizon or sprint or at&t store. I'm just guessing at that.
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    No, judging from the included literature, that's probably a package that was put together for IT managers of large corporations. You can find PDF versions of the pamphlets that were included on Palm's business site:

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Phones for Business | Get more done.

    I'm assuming the original package came with both a Pre Plus and a Pixi Plus. I don't think there should be any problem using one of those, as long as it's not already tied to another account. However since it is a Plus, that means it's for Verizon. Hope you're on Verizon!
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    Or AT&T.
    Does it have green dots on the keypad?
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    Oh right, forgot about AT&T. :P
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    It sounds like a training device that could be sent out to any of palms partners. There's nonthing actually different from hard ot software then are phones.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. It's actually on O2 (UK) as I am in the UK. There are no green dots on it. Inside the box was a Palm Pre manual as well as the Palm Pixi one so I think there has been a Palm Pre Plus in there at one time too. It is certainly very unusual. I paid 100 for everything which is $163 at today's rate. Palm Pixis are very hard to come by in the UK for some reason.

    I was just worried that this sort of phone shouldn't be out there getting used. what also worried me was logging onto my Palm profile the device shows up as a 'WR Palm Pixi Plus' whereas my old Pre was just 'Palm Pre', and I worried about what that WR meant, but i think that means World Ready and is not so unusual, right?

    Anyway, thanks again for your suggestions. I'm certainly enjoying the Pixi. In some ways it is better than the Pre. I like the keyboard and not having to 'clunk' it open to send messages.
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    I don't really have much to add bit when I bought my pixi it included documentation for both the pixi and pre.
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    Yeah - it's probably some special package for salespeople or whatever.

    But why worry that HPalm will disable it?

    It's a Pixi. Who cares how it was packaged and what it was originally intended for.
    There's no gain for HPalm to disable it - only a customer to needlessly annoy.

    I wouldn't worry about it.
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