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    Hi everyone, Can someone help me?

    When i call a number sometimes i dont have any call ringer. I've tried with a phone next to me, the phones rings but i dont hear it ringing in my pixi.

    Anyone has or had the same problem?

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    I'm guessing you've tried rebooting the phone? if not, do so.

    Sounds like it might be the headphone jack issue. There are many, many threads on this, here's one:

    You can download the Ghastly Headset app and see where it says it is directing audio as well.
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    You are stuck in headphone mode try grabbing a headphone jack and putting it in a pulling it out a bunch of times and see if that resolves it.
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    Hi Guys,

    I'm sorry i cant explain myself. What happens is when you call someone and until the other line picks up the phone you ear ir ring it, well in some cases my phone doesnt ring its complety silent until the other person picks up the phone in the other line.

    Isnt it strange?

    sorry English not Mother language, trying my best

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