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    I login Facebook 1.5 Beta and see this error

    Help me please!!!
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    I found way to fix this error. Thanks for read
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    And how did you fix it?
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    I edited "/etc/resolv.conf" file:
    Save it. Reboot luna. It's Ok
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    it didn't work with my Palm Pre device, the file keeps my changes only temporarily and it doesn't work with those parameters either, I don't know what to do now, there's only few information on the net, by the way I also did a WebDoctor Update to webOS 2.1 (carrier O2)
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    How can I edit that file?
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    you can use internalz, download it from preware.
    Open internalz and browse into "/etc/resolv.conf"
    Finally, you edit it as i said
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    Thank you for replying.
    I tried to edit it with Internalz pro but it opens with QuickOffice and does not allow me to edit it. I emailed to myself, edited it on my PC and sent it back and replaced the one in the Pre... but still the same Unknown Palmcall failure. Thanks again anyway!
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    I have the same problem, changing the DNS to multiple providers (not only google's DNS posted above) did not help at all. Anyone got a different solution?
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    I found the problem:
    As per the HP WebOS Facebook App page

    I had platform applications turned off, had to turn it on.
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    Just so everyone knows, this also happens if you type your password in wrong

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