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    Hi everybody.
    Today, i received a Palm Pixi Plus.
    A great supprise, you can see attachment files
    my Device info is HP WebOS 2.1. Oh my God, It's real, but i can't belive it.
    You can help me, export This firmware?

    WebOS2.1 is slow than 1.45. But graphic is good

    Hardware Info:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    very interesting
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    i will take full photo my phone and you can see it. Real great happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Know what's interesting? says that "PD3N21DA2052" is "not a valid serial number"

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    My phone is test phone from AT&T
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    Does that mean you're in the United States?
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    more details please.
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    Question AT&T sent you a phone to test on Viettel Mobile in Vietnam?
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    I think this is for GSM.
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    I'm Vietnamese, I shiped from a seller USA. Right, GSM network
    more details:
    Boot Logo HP glow, about 1 min
    On keyboard, have 4 green point: num 1, num shift, num space, num h
    Code in gesture: PD3N....
    installed sucess App OS2.1 but games Pre
    Back cover below batterry: have stick notes.. to be continued
    Tomorow,I Take Photos: full shape phone with LCD info
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    yes, please do that! Need full body pictures or it didn't happen!
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    I got webOS running on my Hero.


    disregard, this might actually be legit.
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    Wow, I hope this is real
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    hopefully the powers in HQ don't try to remote wipe the device :O noo
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Chuck mung nam moi!
    exactly: Chúc mừng năm mới <-> happy new year

    Updated Photos, tomorrow, Video will Go
    Play game 3D and something secrets
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    Just because one person has it on one phone, doesn't mean that it will be available for any Pixi's anytime soon. They were working on 2.1 for the Pre, so you have to assume they also did some work on the Pixi. However, since nobody ever leaked a 2.1 doctor for the Pixi, they probably didn't prepare webOS 2.1 on the Pixi for widespread testing.

    When I start seeing people out there getting 2.1 on Pixi's they've had for over a year, then I would get excited.
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    I really hope I'm not being trolled here.
    This would be some amazing news for sure. Can I get excited even if I've only had my Pixi+ a month or so now?
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    doesn't mean that it'll get released anywhere, but now we can at least get an idea as to how it runs!
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    Those green dots on the keyboard are WEIRD! Could it be some kind of internal testing device?
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