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    I haven't been on the forum in months. Any news on when webOS 2.0 coming. I'm on sprint and I thought the last time I read something about it...roll out was to be the end of March or first part of April.
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    dude...webos2 will never come to sprint in a OTA update.sorry ...but you can flash it to a palm pre.
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    So I'm stuck at sprint done with palm for good?
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    well that is to be seen. the problem is that they dont think the pre can handle 2.1 and to some extent they are right.that is why there will never be an over the air update. even the pre+ that have recieved the update have only been done with a dr. not a ota update. without overclocking it really isnt what is should be. i have been using 2.1 on my sprint pre- for a few weeks now and love it f104a kernel installed. check the forums there is a pretty simple way if you can follow directions to the letter that work. good luck

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