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    Can anyone offer a little insight as to what happened to my Pixi today?

    As I was walking out the door this morning I grabbed my Pixi and I see a black screen with a circle icon, there's a silver bar building around the circle icon. At the bottom it says: Do Not remove battery. I saw nothing prior to this in terms of pop ups or alerts.

    Ok, I think AT&T may be pushing an update or something.

    When it has finished, it is basically a blank slate. My apps, etc. go through rebuilding from Palm back up but all my photos and music are gone. (Music, fine I can recopy from my music HD, but of course the photos are not backed up..)

    I looked around to see if there was an update but I'm not seeing anything. Its running WebOS 1.4.5 which I'm pretty sure it was before... or maybe not? I thought that update went out last Sept.

    Could it have been something I downloaded? The night before I downloaded Dropboxify and WakeTube. Now I'm seeing this thing called "More Apps" from Magic Apps, which I do not recall downloading.

    I know there's not much that can be done now to recover anything lost, but I would like to know what caused this to possibly avoid it again or be aware of what happened.

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    Looks like your phone did a full erase on its own

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    Yep, pretty much. Now I'm just trying to do some investigating into why... was it some bad app download, or some known issue I haven't heard about. Luckily nothing serious lost, just a bunch of photos and some discount codes in the SMS. Is there a way to get the sms/text messages back? Those don't get backed up? Seems like the "backup" does a very minimal back up, but at least that covers the apps...
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    It's just one of things that are caused by climate change or solar flares. I had it happen once. A few others have reported it. Some sort of shift in the matrix, because no one seems to have been able to duplicate it, other than signing in to your palm profile from another phone... That will log you out of the first one.

    as long as everything is backed up, it doesn't take long to restore.
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    by the way, my hunch/theory is that its related to something at palm, like reverting to an old backup on their server, a bad sector in a database, etc.

    I say that because it happened to me a few days after I had my pre+ replaced, almost as if it forgot I had switched to a new ESN. It didn't give me the error message that I was signed in elsewhere, but everything else behaved the same... So that's my wild guess.
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    Okay, Thanks guys.

    At least I can take small comfort in that it wasn't anything I could have avoided. Now I just need to get myself in the habit of backing up the files from the phone memory. Hey, does anyone know if there is a way to back up sms messages? I never had a need to consider it before but now that I've lost a bunch of 50% off restaurant deals I kind of wish I had a way to store them off the phone just in case...

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