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    I've searched endlessly on the forums and Google to no avail.

    I WANT TO GET RID OF THE EMOTICONS IN MY TEXT MESSAGES! They are so incredibly tacky, it's disgusting. I found posts talking about directories or where to find them, but I wasn't able to find them by plugging in my phone and then browsing through Windows Explorer.

    Then I saw something that made me consider trying to root my Pixi in order to find the directory, but the rooting process failed as well (where do I type 'novaterm', exactly? It didn't do anything in the command prompt).

    This is frustrating. I want those smileys out of my life. Also, I know it's ironic that I'm using an emoticon as a 'post icon'.
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    You don't need to "root" with webos...

    Just type


    Turn developer mode on and in stall internalz pro so you can navigate to the dir.

    To get internalz pro installed you need webos quick install after you turn developer mode on and than install ip

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    Quote Originally Posted by kopimi View Post
    I want those smileys out of my life. Also, I know it's ironic that I'm using an emoticon as a 'post icon'.
    Yes! Yes it is!
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    Smileys are like salt: used in moderation, it can add to the experience.

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    THANK YOU, sketch42! Your tip led me to the right place.

    For those who are finding this post (through a search engine, or something) and are trying to do the same thing I am, but have no experience messing around on the Pre/Pixi:

    1) Get WebOS QuickInstall. Plug your phone into the computer and open it up.
    2) Install: JSJSJS $Homebrew$, $FileMgr$, $then$ $Internalz$ $PRO$. In order to do this, you'll have to click the third icon on the right of WebOSQuickInstall and browse through the tabs up-top on the window that comes up to find 'em.
    3) Give your phone a proper reboot. Press and hold down the Option key, SYM key, and R key. Then wait.
    4) Open InternalzPRO and turn on Master Mode in the Preferences
    5) Go to usr/palm and then delete the emoticons directory. Hold down the directory to bring up the option to delete.

    If those 5 steps don't help enough and it still seems complicated, tough luck. DO NOT attempt to do it if the steps above still seem difficult! You could turn your phone into a brick if deleting the wrong things while in Master Mode. Or a paperweight, since the Pixis/Pres aren't big enough to be a brick. Good luck!
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    I followed the instructions above, but while I wanted simple text instead of the faces, I wound up with blank boxes where the emoticons used to be. Does anyone have a solution for this issue, or a way to turn those blank boxes into text?
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    Make sure you're getting rid of the directory (emoticons) and all the files in it. If you did already, look for other files or directories in usr/palm that may include 'emoticons' in the filename (.txt, .jpg, etc).

    Repeat step #3 after the deletions and restart your phone by holding down the Option + SYM + R key.

    This should fix the problem. If it doesn't, wait a while (like 1-2 hours) then try it again. It doesn't sound like a very conventional thing to do, but it did the trick for me. I think the phone needs to "refresh" itself in a sense so that it'll realize there's no images for it to use. The boxes are showing up because it's still trying to find the pics for the smilies.

    Good luck.

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