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    The speaker went out on my pixi plus and verizon is sending me a new one (under warranty). my question is what do i need to do to transfer all my information over to the new pixi? i have several patches and apps from homebrew and preware. is there any easy way to take all that stuff off my old one and put it on the new one? any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    All of your Palm catalog apps should be backed up on your Palm Profile. So when you get your new phone, you can just sign into it and it will automatically start re-syncing your phone and all your apps. Your Homebrew stuff however (patches, homebrew apps) will not be backed up. But look into the app in preware called Save/Restore. It will backup all your data for all the apps on your device including games and it will backup a saved packages list in preware so the next time you put preware on your phone, it will have a list of all the things you had installed from preware. You can then install/update all. Again, look into it first. My memory is a bit fuzzy on it. There are a bunch of threads you can find in here talking about this stuff.
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    how will preware know what i had on my phone if i delete it off of my old phone phone? or will the palm backup move it to my new one? i thought it had to be only palm apps before it would save it.
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    Do i need to take it off my phone using webos quick install?
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