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    I'm having a hard time finding a program to let me group my email contacts together. I've done some searching, but am obviously looking in the wrong places. All I want to do is have groups, like my players I coach. Is there anything I can get that if I want to send an email to those parents, I can? I have 18 players and 30 addresses just on my team, so it would be easier to group my team. Thanks for any advice!
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    I use "sms mms email emticons" by It works well for emailing my girls scouts. I purchased from the app cat. a while ago and it has received regular updates.
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    Thanks! not a bad one, are there any others that do more to keep things organized?
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    I am a coach as well. I use Super Contacts Plus. Works great. The paid (Plus) version allows groups of any size. I have 36 in one group.
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    that's perfect! Thank You!!! I hate being disorganized

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