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    Ok, here's the issue:

    Wife dropped her Pixi and shattered the touch sceen. Phone still boots fine, I can force it into USB mode through the keyboard, but the touch screen is completely unresponsive.

    I am trying to get her contacts off of the phone.

    The phone was never rooted and she doesn't remember anything about setting up profile backup. Even if she did, I'm not sure if I can recover contacts from Palm's website or if I'd have to sign into her profile from another active palm phone and recover the contacts that way. I have my old palm pre sitting around, but it doesn't have service, which I believe is required to recover the profile.

    The applicable guides I've found to get to profile/contacts directly from the phone require me to put the phone in dev mode first.

    My question is: how can I get the phone into dev mode without needing to use the touch screen? If I can't, do I have any other options to recover the contacts?
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    if I get desperate, your carrier can connect it to the Cellbrite device and put them on another phone, or even loan you a phone.
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    yeah I think it would be easier to just have a store do the transfer. Most corporate stores don't even charge anymore.
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    As far as my sprint store knows they cannot do anything with a pixi unless the touch screen works. I had a shattered screen occur yesterday out of the blue. Mine was backed up onto the palm ID stuff, but without a new palm product I cannot get my contacts off. My new phone is coming but *gasp* I am not getting a new palm product. I need my contacts, even be able to settle for hand copying them off the phone, but I cannot get to them because I cannot scroll with a broken screen.
    Luckily I found where someone posted the way to access USB when hooked to the PC so I got my pictures and videos, but that doesn't seem to make any difference for contacts.

    If anyone comes up with a way to get them off I'm all ears too, good luck to you as you try to get yours off too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by julierit View Post
    If anyone comes up with a way to get them off I'm all ears too, good luck to you as you try to get yours off too!

    Did you ever setup your Pixi in Developer Mode? If you did then you can extract the PalmDatabase.db3 file and use SQL tools to manipulate it and extract data from it.

    Some info here: PalmDatabase.db3 File - WebOS Internals

    Notice the export to Google section?

    The trick is that you need to already have the device in DEV mode - without the touch screen I don't think you can easily do it. Another option would be to have someone transplant screens - but that's a pain.

    Last option - maybe the best: Get a friend who has a Palm and is willing do sign out of their profile and into yours long enough to install the patch that allows you to email your contact info as a Vcard file and then open that in something like Excel.

    Your friend would need to understand how to restore their own data afterwords.

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