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    so my small speaker stoped working for some reason. Everytime someone calls I have to answer thro the speaker phone. Is this a bug. Or is my speaker broken. I havnt droped it or anything like that
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    Sounds like you are stuck in Headphone mode. Try searching the forums for Headphone mode fix. Basically, if you have had a headset plugged in lately the phone doesn't know it's unplugged. Try putting your headphones in and then pulling them out several times or you could use the q-tip with half the cotton pulled off and alcohol to clean out the socket.
    Hope that helps,
    -- Kevin
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    x2 You are stuck in headset mode grab a headphone jack and plug it in and out like 15 times should take it out.
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    3 possibilities.

    Stuck software. You will find a patch that could help. The phone has an interactive test that sometimes un-stick it. Sometimes shutting the phone down and remove the battery for a few minutes sometimes resolves this problem

    Jack has something in it, pocket lint, corrosion, etc. Some have reported fixing this by quickly plugging/unplugging the jack a bunch of times.

    Jack has mechanically failed. If the fixes above aren't effective, call your carrier and have it replaced or repaired.
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    A shot of canned air in the jack does wonders too.
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    **** yeah!! You guys are the best!! The q-tip trick did the trick.. Lol I was going crazy answering all my calls on speaker.. Lol loud *****es be trippin.. :P jk it was lane answering my phone in public.. Looked like a total ****** bag. Thanks again guys.
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    Had the same issue. Got on a chat with a Palm CSR. He had me plug and unplug my headphones quickly 10-12 times. Fixed the issue. Although, I am still afraid to plug anything into the jack with fear it will happen again.
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    Great info guys, I just unstuck my phone by plug and unplug my headphones quickly ~15 times. Fixed the issue.

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