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    I've became recently really interested in webos and I found a Pixi + I could get for 80 without contrat. Is it worth it?

    I could also wait for the Veer. But then I would skip the Pre3 probably.
    If I take this Pixi, I would probably later also get the Pre3 if I still like webos.

    What do you think?
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    Not even a small opinion?
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    wthout a contract, it's a great deal. And when you upgrade, it makes a nice wifi iPodTouch-like device but with a keyboard.
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    80 Euros = 113USD, Amazon has the ATT Pixi+ (GSM) for 175USD - I'd say that's a pretty good deal [Verizon Pixi+ (CDMA) is more in the 50USD range].

    Enjoy, I am.
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    It's with a contract, but not my contract. It's new, but the guy doesn't want to use the phone, so he'll just activate it, and I'll unlock it.

    (I need it unlocked because I travel VERY often between france and germany, so I swap SIM cards a lot)
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    Ordered it.

    Will get it only mid April though.
    A long wait...

    Thanks guys!
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    Just remember that the app catalog will be locked to whatever country/carrier it's activated on. I'm not up on the details, but someone from Europe (like GuyFromNam) can explain how to make sure you have access to the app catalog you want.
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    As far as I understood from the GSM unlocking thread, I should activate it first with a french sim card of the network it's been locked for, set the language and everything in french.
    Then I'll test the App Catalog, and if it works, start the process of unlocking it.
    Does it sound right?
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    why not?
    just take it, you will find fun

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