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    Brand new member here.

    I searched for "app install" on this forum but none of the results jumped out at me that seemed to apply to my situation. Thought I'd ask the experts here for some assistance. I also looked through the Palm Pixi Plus User's Guide but didn't find anything useful.

    I'm a relatively new Palm Pixi Plus user and I'm having some problems using the program ChessTiger on my Pixi Plus (with Verizon, if that's important).

    Some background: many, many months ago I paid for ChessTiger to use on my Palm Centro but the company was so hosed they never responded to any of the emails I sent and never provided a "key" to unlock the software. I deleted the software, challenged the charge with my bank, received a credit on my credit card, and forgot about ChessTiger. Just this morning (3/18/11) I received a flurry of emails from ChessTiger stating they had major email server problems and were now responding to all backed up requests for "keys". I DL'ed the, now free, program to my PC, then just did a simple Win XP Explorer "copy" of the PRC file and PDB "book" to the Pixi. I naively just expected to see the ChessTiger icon on the screen and that I could start using it, but.....nothing.

    What am I doing wrong and what do I need to do to use this now free app?

    Some possibilities I have thought of:

    1. I placed the PRC file in the incorrect location. (I placed it in the "root" directory.)

    2. This version of ChessTiger is "old" and is in some way incompatible with the current version of Palm OS.

    3. Only apps provided through the "App Catalog" will be compatible with the current version of Palm OS and I should just get a chess program listed there (as poor as the selections appear to be).

    4. I'm just a stumblebum and I have no business messing around with sophisticated technology like this and I should just crawl back into the basement with my kitchen scraps and tightly close the door. heh.

    Appreciate any and all advice provided. Thanks in advance.

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    124 views and not a single reply?

    Mmmm, what does a new member need to do to get a response to a problem?

    This can't be an insurmountable problem...but is it? If there's no possible solution, that would qualify for a reply, no?

    Hey, Moderator! Any advice so I can reword my request for assistance on this forum to generate some replies?



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