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    I have an unlocked pixi plus running version 1.40.30. I am trying unsuccesfully to get my Palm Desktop (ver. 6 etc Centro) on the phone. I cannot access the App Catalogue to run the DL link to update the phone with the Desktop information. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
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    Palm Desktop doesn't work with pre/pixi.
    you have a few options....
    there is a pay for app that will integrate but I don't know any more about it because the price was rather high.

    there is a one time conversion that palm offers that converts info TO your phone.

    the Palm desktop software and hotsync model is obsolete now that we have synergy all that syncronization happens via 3g or wifi.... And the "full screen" experience that palm desktop offered is handled through a free google mail (or other mail) account.
    this has taken a while to get used to... But its good because all your data is 'in the cloud' and not so much device dependant... And will be super helpful when you get another webos device with larger screen: (ie touchpad or on PC) and it can access the same data on a larger interface.
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    I live in Kingston, Jamaica and bought "unlocked" pixi plus online. It turned out to be an ATT phone, which I had to get unlocked.
    The real problem is that with my OS version I cannot access the App Catalogue which is supposed to have the DL Link file. My phone says the Catalogue is empty and sometimes access denied. I need this file to run CompanionLink software for direct link with Desktop (i guess I am a dinasour(sic) but I use desktop at work with my secretary and the calender very important.
    BTW I have syc'd my address to gmail account via vcard, so my phone has the address book from my old Centro. But I am very used to and like the datebook format on Palm desktop, and would like feature if I could get the software (CL USB) to work, which is not on my phone.
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    Sorry forgot to mention I cannot even access the one time conversion that palm offers, can I update the OS if the phone is from an blocked zone and App Catalog unavailable
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