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    i'm choosing on which one to buy from a reseller... he has a used pixi plus from at&t unlocked, i presume it has already been activated since it can access paid applications, plus car charger and zagg invishield on the package... versus a new unlocked at&t pixi plus, unactivated and no accessories included. price difference: $50..

    the catch: i want to have access to paid apps and OTA (which, i think is only possible when you have an ACTIVATED version), but i'm tempted to buy the new unactivated unit and just use programs found here to "HACKTIVATE" the phone?

    is it really easy to do this? note: i'm from a non supported country but a huge fan of the webOS even before Palm OSdays.

    thanks everyone.
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    1. thanks for the reply. i intend on paying for paid apps thru credit card when i access the app catalog via wifi. is that even possible?

    2. is entering an unlock code possible when a device is unactivated? he told me he only opened the box to enter the unlock code bought from at&t or from some unlock code providers.

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    is this an acceptable optioon? i could activate the unlocked pixi using a SIM from an unsupported country and just input a supported country when asked which country i'm in. and by doing this i can see paid apps? then i could use my brother's credit card who lives in a supported country to be able to buy paid apps?

    i hope what im saying makes sense.
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    My experience is that you do not have to have a supported SIM from a supported country.

    I was able to activate my Pre in Australia (which is not a supported country), and simply by setting my language to German during the First Use application run, I was able to fool the Palm Profile into having "Germany" as my country.

    -- Rod
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    i've been reading on posts relating to the same dilemna that i have. it seems frustrating that there is no exact solution to the problem yet. all of what ive read are dead ends. i hope palm fixes this problem as some people have been loyal to their products and believed that their machines bring comfort to their daily lives. they should not have restricted accesses to certain areas.

    i still believe that this can be fixed, i guess i just have to wait for the news that geo restrictions issues are over.

    but damn, i just want to take a hold and use webOS devices so baaaaaad!!!
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    okay the phone according to the reseller said it has been activated, but said he had to do a full system erase to delete all of his data. will doing this negates the activation? and i have to activate it by other means found in this site?
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    I just received my phone from Ben's Outlet. I planned on using Page Plus. When I turned it on, it said it was activating through Verizon Wireless. It didn't give me the option to do it another way. Does this mean that the phone is locked? How can I activate it? Please help! thanks

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