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    after the weekends time change, my set appointments throughout the week are off by an hour now. Anyone else have this issue. All I have to say is I am so angry right now. F'n furious is putting it mildly.
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    what version webos? Mine is fine (pre minus webos 2.x)
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    pixi 1.4.5
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    same on my AT&T Pixi+... luckily I only have one recurring event, which I deleted and recreated. Dawns on me that I now need to check some medical appointments set for coming months this year. Dang.
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    I have a S#$T ton of events in mine. I do shipping & receiving, so I have to have certain slots for certain deliveries. This has royally screwed me up. I've had enough of this crap. I'm out.
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    Try syncing your calendars. It seemed to help my Pre Plus.
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    did it with all acounts, twice. And a restart. No luck. I don't have any calendar patches so that's not it either.
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    I have a Sprint Pre '-' with WebOS 1.4.5, and the SAME THING is happening to me. All the events before the time change are correct, but most events (not all, curiously!) are now an hour later, after the time change (even events repeating from before the time change are correct before, but an hour late after!). EDITING the events to change the time does NOT work. SYNCING does NOT work.
    Deleting and RECREATING the events DOES work -- but good Lord that's incredibly inconvenient (I'm being very polite here!).
    I'm a LONG-time Palm user (m500, T3, T|X, Treo, Pre) and a big WebOS fan, but this is not the first time this has happened. PLEASE get this right. I don't recall this ever happening on PalmOS devices.

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