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    So I have to say I'm starting to get pulled into the whole $45 no contract pixi plus (I mean who wouldn't?).

    I currently have a moto droid which I love but I have a really huge love for webOS.

    So I was wondering if there was a way to use the Pixi without activating it and just using WiFi on it?

    Also do you think it's worth it? I'm using a gift card I've had for over a year or so.
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    Yes, you can definitely bypass first activation and use it as wifi only. The Pixi is pretty cool, though much of the kernel development has only been done for the Pre. The camer is better on the pre, it has more ram, and more memory (i believe). I would try to get a Pre+ instead, i bet you could find a new one for quite cheap.
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    think of it as an iPod touch with a keyboard. I you can bypass the carrier and then use wifi to log back in to your old profile and apps (if you had one).
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    Sounds cool!

    Yeah I would be getting this from Amazon. Pixi Plus is $55 new and a Pre Plus is about $100 used. I only have like $60 in gift cards.

    I was looking at how to use the device without activation. I'm having a problem finding how to do it.

    I've been hearing stuff about Meta Doctor, Activation-Bypass Tool, or temp activating it.

    Which would be the best way to do it? I would like to use the app market and what not.
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    Understandably some people want to use the Pixi Plus without activating it on Verizon. But it's really no big deal if you ALREADY have a smartphone to have them activate the phone, use it for a while, and then re-activate your old smartphone.

    I bought (2) Pixi+'s on-the-cheap: 1 for a teenager in the house, the other as an "insurance" phone for her (lost/stolen/damaged replacement). It was pretty easy to sell her on the Pixi+, she previously wrecked 2 Centros, and really loves the phone.... although she thought she wanted a Blackberry.

    I'm moto droid user - the urge to tinker got the best of me and I activated the 2nd phone (deactivating my droid) and have been using it for 2 weeks. I'm wondering when I'm going to switch back to my droid... I didn't think I'd like the Pixi+ as much as I do.
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    So if I just activate it on the account for a bit I can use it freely without any issues inactivated?
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    I assume so - that's the current state of my droid right now - it's sitting in airplane mode, wifi turned on, and I've been receiving application updates, using gmail, web, etc.

    From reading the forums I gathered that getting the Palm Profile account created gave you access to the Application Store, and once you had the Palm Profile you were good to go if the phone was no longer active on a carrier (wifi only for data - see droid example above).

    As you'll find in other forum topics, the only odd thing you need to do is call Verizon and give them the ME ID hex value off the outside of the box so they can activate the phone - it was never in their inventory, so they have to enter it manually.
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    Sounds like fun LOL.

    I'm on a special plan from vzw. Where we get unlimited data and what not at a discount. Sometimes when we activated a line the promo code got knocked off and I have to recall a special number for them to re put it on. So it's like a two call type thing that I was hoping to avoid.
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    I bought a Pixi to use for the free mobile hotspot. I use an android phone alot of the time but switch to the Pixi when I need the mobile hotspot. Only takes a couple of minutes to switch back and forth...Plus I like to mess around with Web OS since I still like it better than Android.

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