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    My camera literally takes 30 seconds to open. Ive doctored and soft reset. Just wondering whats going on with it.
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    Mine is like that when lots of cards were just open.. soft reset usually helps.
    But yeah it never opens instantly. I just timed it, after being idle it took 18 seconds to open.

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    mine opens up faster and shows me a mute picture. but i am not able to shoot picutres unless i wait 20seconds or more. Jep, the camera app is ****ty
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    It's not much better on the Pre.
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    I think the pixi only has 256mb RAM, which means you might benefit by using UberKernel with a higher Compcache memlimit.
    See this thread for some more info:
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    One of my hugest complaints (after PIM) with the Pre was the length of time it took to open the camera. It made absolutely no sense to use.
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    I can't lie, as much as I miss the patchable nature of the launcher, you can't deny it is much faster on 2.0. They need to look at it for other things.

    Not the calendar, though. That needs to stay patchable, unless Palm incorporates everything about UberCalendar and more into it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malpha View Post
    It's not much better on the Pre.
    My Pre+ with F105 camera loads and ready to take a picture in < 6 seconds.
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    Itll open faster with a Uber on Warthog Kernel installed. And the higher you have your compache turned on the faster itll open.

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