Hello all,
this is my first post so please be gentle.

I have a palm pixi+ and I am having an issue setting up my work imap email on my phone. i had it setup until yesterday morning. when i woke up i checked my phone and there was a message "this is not a trusted certificate" and i also got an ssl error too. So, i went into my email settings and double checked the settings i was given by my company (which worked perfectly up until yesterday morning) and those were fine so i did a battery pull and that didnt work either. so i removed that email account from the phone and then attempted to set it up again using the settings that i used to set it up originally and now i get two errors. first: i get "this is not a trusted certificate" again, and second i get: check the incoming mail server settings" also keeping in mind that i copied the settings exactly as they were given to me AND that the email was working up until the other day.

anybody have any ideas? i havent done a master reset yet so i could try that.