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    I just got a 10% off voucher on eBay global buy. While searching for a cell phone i found palm pixi at a good rate can u guys please tell me will i be able to use a Verizon palm pixi plus bought from eBay in india. Please reply soon as the voucher will expire on 14 march
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    The frequencies match up, but with CDMA phones, that is not the biggest issue. CDMA carriers will usually only accept ESNs that they themselves have sold. So to answer your question, it mostly depends on whether or not Tata or Reliance would be willing to activate a phone they did not sell on their network. From what I have read from a quick Google search, it does not seem likely that they would.
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    i just had a look on ebay and found a person selling palm pixi plus unlocked from verizon> I just asked him how he do so, he replied that he had done it by programming the phone to run with reliance. But i dont want to buy it from him as he is selling it for 3 times the orginal price
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    is there any palm pixi plus user wh knows how to get it working???
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    Unlocking is applicable to GSM phones, not CDMA

    SIM lock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    CDMA phones can sometimes be flashed to other carriers, but usually it's a matter of flashing a company's prepaid device to work for their post-paid service or vice versa--from Sprint to Virgin Mobile, for example. It should be possible to reprogram a CDMA phone for another carrier, but the ESN will not change, and that is where the problem lies. Even going from Sprint to VM or back is not a sure thing.

    My recommendation is to forget about it. More hassle than it's worth, even if it was possible.
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    i just contacted reliance customer care to know if they allow other esn on there network. They asked me what is esn???? They said any cdma phone will work on there network if *228 works on it. Reliance provides worst customer service in the world
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    Is There Any possibility to unlock the phone to any GSM CARRIER in india???
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    Any unlocked GSM phone should work on any GSM carrier as long as the correct frequencies are present. But if the phone is a CDMA phone, it will not work on GSM. The two are not compatible.
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    yes you can use it
    RIM and tata want meid registration for which people will charge you
    Bsnl will not give NV based number but only RUIM
    Palm Pixi Plus is fully compatible with Reliance and Tata and people are using EVDO in it
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    Quote Originally Posted by stonecaper View Post
    Is There Any possibility to unlock the phone to any GSM CARRIER in india???
    get a palm pixi AT&T
    it can be easily unlocked
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    Problem is, it works with Vodafone and Airtel out of box but has problems with BSNL which can be set out with difficulty. Finally 3G does not work due to lack of 2100 frequency on Pixi.

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