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    I can install patches, but it won't let me install apps from within preware. I click the button and the Install button lights up but nothing happens when I let go. I can install apps from the App Catalog fine.

    I also have a problem with links within preware or text messages. I click and nothing happens, isn't there supposed to be a window that opens? I have tried restarting a bunch of times, even uninstalling some patches and still no install in preware or links opening. I don't really want to do a hard reset

    Can anyone point in the right direction, or if I can re-install something? Thanks in advance
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    Have you tried rebooting your phone completely? Hold the power button and press restart.

    What version of webOS are you running? 1.4.5 or 2.1? (can be found in the Device Info application).
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    Yeah I have rebooted/restarted plenty of times and I am with the newest version 1.4.5

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