I need major help with this. I was on preware testing out themes one day when I installed Mac OS X theme. When I did that everything installed on preware disappeared but was still installed(usable). The number of available apps, themes, etc. in preware dwindled considerably(the amount of themes went from about 2086 to 93. I did some research and found a way to get them back, using EPR. I did that but forgot I had a theme installed and all of they al showed back up in preware. Now most users know not to use EPR while a theme is installed, when I did this I'm pretty sure it overwrote palms default theme and replaced it with the mac theme. Because it won't show up in preware, I don't know about QI(themer will never load). I don't like this theme too well, in fact it is quite aggravating. I have become desperate in my attempts to rid my phone of this theme and a partial and then full erase didn't help and now I came here for help. How can I get rid of this? and is there a program where I can go into the files on my phone like internalz, I can't install it again.