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    So I open the video app in my little Pixi, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to play a video, lets say that I load onto the phone from my computer. Am I missing something? How do I do this?
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    Start from the video, click the file and it'll start playing automatically.

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    I'm missing something here. I have a few vids on the phone ummm, hard drive? How can I access those files? Cause I open the video player and there is one video on it, the default video that came with the phone. Nothing else. I'm in need of a file manager that'll give me access to all the files on the phone.
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    Hi ShadeTree. when I connect to my computer and select USB mode/drive whatever it's called, i dropped the files into E:\Videos (your drive letter will vary of course!) and they show up in the videos app. i've got some AVI taken with my regular digital camera as well as some mp4 ripped from DVD and converted my windows home server.

    so not sure if you've got files in the wrong folder or wrong file time? others probably know more!

    and there is a great homebrew app for managing files from the device, I have it on my Pre before it reset, but since i only used it a couple of times i never added to the Pixi and I forget the name. probably something sensible like File Manager!
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    ok so after exiting USB i went back to the app and only the mp4 are showing in "Loaded Videos" and the AVI from my digital camera are nowhere to be seen - probably a clue in there somewhere
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    Yep, got the clue lol. Perhaps the vids I have loaded are the wrong format and won't show up? Luckily this is something I can fix. So I'm at work, no access to the Pixi user guide. What formats do our little phone recognize?
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    dunno, now that I know that some of mine aren't there you can bet I'll also be looking a little deeper when I get home, unless you figure out it first
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    Make sure your video is in the proper format also:

    Supported Video formats: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264
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    Handbrake is a wonderful program for this. I tried it on my i3 HP laptop and it converts 20 minute sitcoms in 3-4 mins. Unfortunately it does not work on my netbook because of some silly rule that it needs to be at least 1000x720 or so resolution to function, and we all know netbooks are portable and they won't normally have that big a screen! BOO! But I am content converting on my giant laptop

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