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    First off, I just wanna say I am looking forward to the next wave of Palm/HP devices releases. After the longest year ever it seems, we finally have something to look forward to.

    To begin this thread I want to talk about the last adjustments I would like palm to implement on WebOS 1.X.X. I know these may be far fetched, but I don't think that they are too much to ask given the situation in the U.S. where you are stuck on a phone for two years. These little tweaks might make it all worth it. I am not asking for them immediately, but it would be nice to have an update even after WebOS 2.1 launches with the new devices.

    My list is not very long, but I think most would agree that my requests are subtle and would make a substantial difference with the way we operate our phones.

    Let me begin.

    1. Add Launcher pages.

    We know it's possible, the code is there. This would let us organize things much better on our phone. I currently have settings and games under the same page. It's kind of annoying scrolling side ways and down ways when searching for something that could be easily found in another page.

    2. Fix the glitches.

    We need a functioning alarm, I don't have any real glitches to complain about, but I'm sure palm has a log of them. Just take care of them.

    3. Pixi gaming.

    Just release the games you demoed on the palm blog. Something is better than nothing.

    4. Verizon Pixi/Pre

    Please add Yahoo! Messenger. Our Sprint counterparts have it. Let us have it too.

    5. Pixi Brightness

    When the pixi is plugged in, it, for an instant brightens up more than usual. Allow us to choose that brightness.

    That is all. I hope palm reads this and hopefully sends it out to us in a last update.
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    patches will fix most of your wishes

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