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    I recently overclocked my Pixi Plus and compared it to my brother-in-law's, who has only downloaded App Catalog apps. We did several "ready, set, GO" tests between the two (opening same applications, same number of cards, etc.). His stock Pixi was consistently MUCH faster than my overclocked version. The overclocked version was painfully slow. Opening new cards took several seconds, while his was nearly instantaneous. And even though we took our phones off the charger at the same time, at the point where mine died his still had over 80% battery left (or what looked like it since he hasn't patched the meter).

    Has anyone actually noticed an improvement in speed? Am I doing something wrong? I have Govenah 806 with UberKernel.

    I'm beginning to wonder if all the overclocking is just a cognitive dissonance effect: you assume it must be faster so you ignore signs that it is actually slower.
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    First of all we have to thank the hard work the kernel developers put in! They are amazing and I have donated. I also find that overclocking the pixi is 100% placebo even though webosmark says overclocking is faster. If they compared their overclocked pixi side by side to a stock pixi they would see your findings. SOme people are soo excited to overclock they think it must be faster. The pre on the other hand is not placebo. It is amazing how overclocking makes the pre one of the best phones on the market IMO of course.
    *Patchers STILL make this phone Perfect!
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    Its faster for me and its not always going to be much faster but it is a lot like a lot smoother then the stock 600 mhz.
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    assuming your settings are correct, also remember to close the govnah app before doing anything else. It does a lot of polling and it will eat CPU cycles if you leave it running.
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    it is faster for me too

    example: facebook app (one of the slowest apps) opens with stock kernel in 7 seconds. With 806 kernel it just needs 4 seconds.
    But the greatest benefit of govnah is the better memory managment and less too many cards error. I mostly use the stock kernel because of the lower heat

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