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    A few months ago, I had my pixi sync with my email account. It damanged many of my contacts and I had to restore my phone. I remove the contct sync with this pop account.

    I attempted to sync with a 3rd party program (captura then companionlink) and they would not work. companion links program wanted to sync only with palm desktop, which pixi won't sync with.. sigh. Yes I picked the usb cable version and had the latest version.

    I really need to back up all 500+ contacts, plus notes, plus calender, plus todo with something. I created gmail account and it will sync with the mail, but the gmail contacts never sync.

    I also tried again with my business account, and it will show the email, but never a contacts account (the two appear to be unlinked)

    I read a process about unlinking the contacts and email, so I know it is possible, but I don't remember doing that. So if the link is broken is there a way to link them back?

    I want to wipe my phone and start again, but guess what? I need to back up my data.

    One final question. If I reset my phone to defaults does this Verizon backup backup contacts, notes, todo and contacts?
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    An update. I added a contact to gmail, and it showed up on my pixi, but they don't show up in gmail.

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