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    Greetings, I have a new Palm Pixi Plus that I would like to transfer my contacts to, from an old Motorola Razr V3m phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The Razr phone has Bluetooth and a microSD slot… maybe that would help?

    I was so inspired by the squirrels in the Radio Shack commercial, that I figured if a squirrel can learn to use a smartyphone, so can I… and, here I am.

    On Verizon/Pageplus
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    If you were using Backup Assistant on Verizon, this page should help: How to import and export contacts on PalmŪ OS devices
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    Copy your contacts to your sim card if your with at&t.
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    I wasn't using backup assistant on vz. Today, I did find a csv file containing my contacts from ~1 year ago when I transferred my contacts from an even older phone to the Razr phone using a program called BitPim. I forgot all about it, but found it on the laptop I gave my parents. Is there a way for me to import this csv file (my contacts) onto my Pixi Plus? I see all of this info about exporting from the Pixi+ (i.e. ##66623#... tried doing this and do not get a csv file generated), but what about importing?

    Also, using the Pixi+ as a USB device shows some folders on my laptop... i.e. ringtones, wallpaper, and downloads. Can I use this downloads folder to import this csv file somehow, maybe through that downloads folder? I cannot find this downloads folder anywhere on my Pixi+. Is it there hidden somewhere?

    When I was using my Pixi+ as a USB device, I needed to add a different ringtone. The ringtone on my Razr was a midi file and when I converted it to MP3, it sounded like junk. I came across this software on cnet called ToneThis. Absolutely awesome as I was able to take a full length MP3 song and cut it down to what I needed. But, the greatest part was that I could raise the volume of my final creation. So, what was previously quiet, is now nice and loud. I have never used anything like this before, so it was heaven sent as far as I am concerned.

    Now, I just need my 250+ contacts
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    Hi, I'm new here. I just ordered a Pixi 2 days ago and wanted to know how to transfer contacts from my Nokia 2330 w/AT&T. I plan on using Page Plus. I found a method for AT&T users via the sim card on AT&T's wireless website. I don't think this would work for me. Any other way? thanks
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    I can't help with the exact techniques - but I can advise that the best plan is to take whatever output you can get (like that CSV file you have) and import it to a GMail or Yahoo account and not to your Palm Profile. Then you can use the web to manage the contacts in addition to your phone and with that account signed into your phone they will always sync to your profile.

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