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    Hey guys, going internationally on spring break for the first time, I'm curious about how my Verizon Pixi Plus will operate. Is there a way to have all functions of the phone turn off so I can just use Wi-Fi? Or will using WiFi overseas still incur some kind of fees with my carrier? I'm just not sure how any of this typically operates, any info would be appreciated.
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    You can turn off the data and phone radios and just it as a PDA, camera, MP3 player etc.

    Since Europe is GSM, I don't think it would find a CDMA signal anyway so you can't use it as a phone. If you can find a wifi hotspot you should be able to do email. I don't think you can do standard text messages as they go over the cellular signal.

    When we were in Ireland, UK and France last summer I did not find a lot of free wifi. Some of the hotels we were in did not even have it. Might have better luck in Sweden.


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