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    I know I'm jumping the gun by asking... and the answer will of course be just a guess because it hasn't been released, but just curious...

    If release of a webos doctor 2.0.1 for ROW Pre+ is being meta-doctored to work on other cariers Pre-/+ is eventual release of a Veer doctor going to be helpful in meta-doctoring for the Pixi?

    I know the Pre-/+ kernal is different than the Pixi because Pre is TI OMAP 3 CPU and Pixi is Qualcomm msm7xxx. So its very obvious why that is not going to work easily, unless the Pixi+ gets an offical webos doctor somewhere that can be meta-doctored. However since the Veer is supposed to be Qualcomm msm7xxx family as well, will that be helpful?

    I ask because I'm a sprint customer and i'm due for an upgrade in June... so I'm hoping for TouchPad/Pre3 combo around then, but until then I'm willing to test WebOS 2.0.1 for Pixi even if its not available until the Veer shows up and at least for now Veer spec shows GSM (not CDMA) it most likely won't be availabe for sprint.
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    no. Plain and simple. Just like pre2 dr. Doesn't work on pre

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