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    I have been using WebOS since the original Pre and I love it but I mainly use Android. I have had a ton of high end Android phones. Droid X, Droid Pro, INC, but most recently have been using a Fascinate. The Fascinate is a great phone with far better specs than the Pixi Plus but Everyday I use the Fascinate, I find myself switching back to my Pixi Plus. I dont like sliders that much which is why I have the Pixi, I am considering the Pre 2 but dont really want to spend 400 for a phone that has a follow up coming soon. Just wanted to give a shout out to the Pixi Plus for being so sweeeeeeetttt.

    FYI, my Fascinate is sitting in my desk now collecting dust....Until I decide I want to play angry birds again.
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    I just switched over to the Pixi Plus from the Pre Plus and I love it. There are definitely times when I miss the larger screen of the Pre but I love the form factor and how thin is. I'm not a power user so I can deal with the lower specs than the Pre and it definitely seems like the battery lasts longer than I was getting with the Pre. I'm curious to hear how you think it stacks up against the Droid Pro.
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    If you have a draft in your house or office, that large, heavy fascinate should make a great paper weight!
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    Quote Originally Posted by manordwall View Post
    If you have a draft in your house or office, that large, heavy fascinate should make a great paper weight!
    Agreed! I finally checked one out the other day for the first time and it seemed absolutely huge. I'm definitely coming around to the conclusion that despite the popularity of 4" slabs they're definitely not for me. Hats off to those that need them but after 6 plus months of "size envy" I'm beginning to appreciate something more pocket-able with slightly better battery life than the current generation of super phones
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    yeah I find the pixi is perfect for me as well. I have seen and my wife has an HTC evo 4g or whatever and I couldnt stand that thing on me all the time 24/7.
    (clarification the evo, not my wife, I could have her on me all day =P ).
    I am extremely happy with my pixi, and it shines once you throw the OC kernel on it. Its a perfect phone for doing everyday tasks extremely effeciently.
    WebOS is just genius too!

    My wife on the other hand loves the huge screen cuz she does tons of facebook and web surfing and stuff...but its funny, her phone is ALWAYS plugged in when its at home or in her car, she gets crap battery life.

    My pixi, well I could go 3 -4 days on full charge depending on usage.
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    I've also switched from Pre+ to Pixi+ since picking it up in January off contract. I've switched back and forth a couple times but usually only stay with the Pre+ for a day or two before I have to go back to the Pixi. I love this little guy with his keyboard that works and so easy to hold/type one thumbed

    and WOW on that battery life report - thanks to my Pre I have touchstones everywhere so haven't tested it much. I'll do that this weekend!

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