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    i've had a pre since launch - my wife got a pixi shortly thereafter. we get minimal junk email on the phone. i got my son a pixi about 5 months ago and he gets ton of junk email. our ISP is comcast. we each have our own comcast email account. seems mine and my wifes' comcast account marks the email as spam and they never make it to the phone. but my son's comcast account still shows the junk in his inbox and then of course it's downloaded to his pixi.

    i'm not sure how to correct this as to me, all 3 accounts are set up the same. any ideas to reduce the volume of junk. i suppose i should post on a comcast site, but thought i'd try here too- thanks!
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    The only way to address the issue would be to tweak the spam filter settings on that account. Just because your accounts are all on the same service (comcast) it doesn't mean you are all getting the same email. He may have surfed to a 'shady site' somewhere while logged in, or signed up to some site that shared his info and sold it off to advertisers. Tweak the settings, and if needed add keywords to the spam filters.
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    hellooooooo newwwwman! thanks for the info - i'll check all settings today... too bad uncle leo died 'take the pen!'

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