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    I know a few of you posted different settings that seemed to help the issue.
    I have tried about 20 settings....even went back to stock Palm profile.

    With video camera, the video lags the audio by up to 5-6 seconds at times. Only pertains to playback of the video. If I watch it on the computer, the audio/video is in sync.

    My question I going to have to return to stock kernel to resolve this??

    I would appreciate any input on how to resolve if possible.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Just bumping this to inform of a resolution:

    Let me start by saying that recorded video playback on my Pixi is the issue. The phone records the video fine, just cannot play it back properly 80% of the time. When the video is transferred and watced on issue.

    I ran the doctor, played with Govnah settings, reverted back to stock kernel, etc. and nothing helped. Nothing.

    SO......I uploaded these videos to Youtube, downloaded them back onto phone and problem resolved.

    Youtube further compresses the videos (albeit with no real degradation when viewed on phone) and the Pixi has no issues with them. I keep the originals to transfer to PC due to higher quality but view the compressed ones when I want to watch them on the phone.

    Maybe that will help those with the same issues.

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