Ok, I was chatting with a Palm tech last night trying to fix my not being able to buy any apps problem (see other post here). She ended up having me do a partial reset, wiping out all of my info, apps etc. Telling me after the fact that oh by the way I need to have a 3G in order to retieve my data! Well, that's a problem. I get a good strong four bars signal for phone, but 3G fades in and out on my little Pixi Plus, and seems to do so no matter where I am. By the way it's a Verizon phone flashed to Cricket. I use wifi at home to connect to the internet and always have a very strong wifi connection. So I'm hosed! I ended up having to leave cause I needed to get to bed (getting up at 4AM for work, UGH!!). So here I am. No phone, sign in fails, I can't retrieve my backed up data. Is there ANY way I can bypass something to connect wifi here? What options do I have? And I suppose if I'm really screwed I can create a new profile and start over, but do I need that 3G to do that also? Thanks all.