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    Everytime I try to download preware it keeps saying device not found whats wrong with it why wont it work!
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    We need more information. What's your computer operating system? How are you trying to install (webOS Quickinstall? What version?)? Is your phone in developer mode?
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    The two most common reasons for this are:

    1) the phone isn't in developer mode.

    2) the nova drivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    Troubleshooting Guide

    I'm getting "ERROR: No device found."
    Common error. Two main reasons this could occur:
    1. Mis-matched your choice of device. In WebOS Quick Install, click menu File->Options. If your target is the WebOS emulator on your computer, choose "Emulator"; if your target is a real device, like a Palm Pre, choose "USB Device".
    2. Your device and/or computer are not configured correctly. WebOS Quick Install depends on both your device being ready for the connection as well as your computer being ready for the connection.
      • Novacom needs to be installed on your computer. In WebOS Quick Install, click menu File->Options. Click the "Attempt Novacom (re)installation" button.
        • Alternatively, Windows users can manually install Novacom via this method.
        • Linux users can download Novacom here. Read this guide if your Linux distribution doesn't use Debian files.
        • A computer restart is highly recommended.
        • Windows users can verify Novacom is running by going StartMenu->Run...->"services.msc" and looking for a "Palm Novacom" entry and making sure it's started.
      • Bad USB Connection
        • It's recommended to plug in your device into a main USB port that outputs power
        • Some people have reported devices, like Canon printers, interfering with a Novacom-based connection
        • It's highly recommended to use an OEM USB cable, as some eBay ones have been reported to prevent a Novacom-based connection
      • WebOS device needs to have DevMode.
        • This can be done by typing "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart", opening the DeveloperMode app, and enabling the feature. Don't worry, the reset won't wipe any data.
        • Some circumstances can cause the the toggle to show as enabled even when its disabled. To solve this problem, disable it then re-enable it.
        • Some people report OTA updates reset DevMode. Keep that in mind when updating.
      • Novacom Connection Issue
        • Rare, but not unheard of. Restarting the service (or your computer) will fix this
        • On Windows, go StartMenu->Run...->"services.msc" and look for a "Palm Novacom" entry. Right click it and choose "Restart"
      • Wrong Java Installation
        • Some people have reported that installing 32bit Java on 64bit computer, and vice versa, can cause issues when running WebOS Quick Install
      • When you plugin your device, choose "Just Charge"


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