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    Hello, everyone! I recently installed WebOS Quick Install on my computer for my Palm Pixi Plus, have developer mode on, and have it plugged in to my computer (Just charge option). When I click on the blue arrow to load the feeds to download from, no link works. I get an error message reading:

    "Cannot connect to package feed:
    http: //"

    then followed by the next error message:

    "ERROR: Invalid feed url."

    A similar message appears for every feed I try to select.

    Also, when going to the 'Tweaks' section, I am prompted to download and install the GNU Patch and Lsdiff on my device so it can function properly. I click yes, wait about a minute, and then the tweaks window closes. However, when I restart webOS Quick Install, and go to patches, I'm prompted with the same message.

    A little help please!!
    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
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    Same here. Must me server situation.
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    server is down
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    Gah..what terrible timing for my first install. Haha. Thank you! However, is the 'Tweaks' setup not working as a result of the server as well?
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    don't know about tweaks. Rod posted on twitter that the mirror should be up soon. Try again in 15 to 30 min.
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    Alright, I waited all night for the server to go back up. I checked this morning, and I'm STILL having the same problems with connecting with the server and tweak requirements. Any ideas?
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    I get IPKG error when i try to download apps like "glass effect" and some otherones. Anything I can do or are they just not for the pixi?

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