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    I have a Palm pixi

    I need help with getting a white noise program and compass

    I downloaded white noise 1.1.4 via IPK fetcher, it wont load / start.

    Any advice / help?

    I am also in need of a working compass for the pixi, any help?

    Many thanks,

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    The "compass" program isn't very useful because it's actually using the GPS to determine direction of movement. If you aren't outside and moving at a reasonable speed, it won't tell you anything.

    I don't know what an "IPK fetcher" is, but you should try contacting the developer. There will be a link for that in the app catalog for each app.
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    You might try the Rockus Sound Machine app, although it is a paid app. They might have a free Rockus Sound Sampler app still. I use this one a lot and there is a 'static' sound...kind of like the sound you get from an old tv set that is tuned to a channel with no reception. It might be just what you were looking for. I just checked and the sound sampler doesn't have a white noise. It has vacuum, waterfall, light rain, and fire. The waterfall is close to white noise.
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