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    Unless I'm missing something (and maybe I am) it looks like another Pixi Plus deal off contract over at Newegg for those that missed out last time..
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    there's also several Amazon sellers with it and IceMonkeys (a site seemingly related to DailySteals) so anyone who missed it has plenty of chances! and the touchstone backs are cheap both colored or black
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    I don't see anything at Newegg. Do you have a link?

    I bought one from IceMonkey for my daughter and she is very happy with it.

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    I haven't posted enough times to be able to post a link but it's selling for $74.99 and you can find it under:

    Home>Cell Phones>Cell Phones and Accessories>No Contract Phones>Palm Inc> Item #N82E16875101038

    Or just search by using the item #. Hope this helps.
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    Thats not a very good deal. Amazon has them for $65 shipped (ordered mine from there). And you can find them sometimes lower on eBay.

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