View Poll Results: Will you replace your Pixi with a Veer?

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    Will you replace your Pixi with a Veer?
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    Would I get the Veer in replacement of my Pre if it was the only announced device for Sprint? Probably.
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    After watching the hands on videos of the veer, this little guy seems pretty snappy. I told myself before the event that I want the high end device, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't consider this phone. Only drawbacks for me is the lack of tap to share, and the adapters for USB and headphone jack.
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    nope.... I'm not a fan of slider phones reason I got the pixi in the first place

    but if I have to get a slider I rather have the Pre 3
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    After getting the Pixi, I realized I would want more screen, Pre 3 screen size looks good
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    Your poll should have a few more options.... "not sure" and "getting pre3 instead"

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    <<changed title to match that of the poll>>
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    Im more intrigued by the Pre 3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by garnetlove View Post
    Your poll should have a few more options.... "not sure" and "getting pre3 instead"
    Thanks, it's a nice suggestion. But I'm more interested to see how many have decided if the Veer is a good alternative to the Pixi or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by errbin View Post
    nope.... I'm not a fan of slider phones reason I got the pixi in the first place

    but if I have to get a slider I rather have the Pre 3
    a little bit of super glue on the keyboard, it will be a solid device just like the pixi.
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    Gives me an idea for a case for the Veer. It permanently keeps the phone open, connects with the magnetic connector to act as a pass-though for a micro-USB port and 3.5mm jack with the ports and circuit board being in the space left behind the screen when the Veer is open to make the case flush with the lower half of the Veer.
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    veer is 50% thicker than pixi. Might as well get a pre3 if I am getting a thick slider.
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    I'll probably change it for a Veer when I'll have enough customer points.
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    I would not replace my pixi with a veer. If the guts from a veer could be teken out and put in a pixi, maybe. But why HP has left out the treo/business crowd is beyond me.
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    veer instead of Pixi - no way but I will add the pre 3, if thereals no chioce.
    I really don't understand HP and the the Veer decision, the Pixi is small & slim the Veer is small and chubby.
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    Just like many others, I got the Pixi Plus (Verizon) for the design and because its NOT a slider phone.

    But alas, the writing is on the wall, I lament the passing of "Palm" and moving to HP webOS. Sooo, that means, as I still love webOS, if I will be staying with the "program" so to speak, the next phone I will own will HAVE to be a Pre 3.

    Just for the screen size alone.

    Look, the Veer looks good, its snappy and looks like it damn well does all that the Pixi could do and a bit more on webOS 2.0. But I'll be damned to use a smaller screen to do the duties that I have to work with now. Who would?

    Quite frankly, I'm ****ed that HP is refusing to have a OTA update for all Pre/Pixi users and its Plus variants for 2.0. Its a slap in the face to all us very loyal Palm users that have come from long ago to have them give up on us now...pretty rotten if you ask me. Especially since we were promised SO MUCH MORE.

    But I'll be damned if I will jump ship to the Apple alternative, drone software for conformist "me too" people. I have individual needs and uses and webOS works for what "I" need and not the cloned, unimaginative, locked down wanabees that use iPhones.

    So give me the Pre 3 and don't give me the "coming soon by summer" BS. If HP can learn anything from Palm's mistakes its delaying new hardware/firmware for release.
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    This has been bugging me for the past week. I was so disappointed, not in the products announced on the 9th, but (like most others) in the delay in their availability. After a week to digest, It really sets in that there is no upgrade path for those of us that DON'T want a slider phone. We're not getting the cool features of OS2.0, we're not getting a "new and improved" Pixi-style phone, ... we're just dead in the water. I truly hope there is a phone in development that wasn't announced yet because it's not ready, but that would be too much to ask because EVERYTHING they announced is NOT ready. Sigh.................
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    I'm surprised that with as much as you hear people clamoring for phones with portrait physical keyboards that more companies that Blackberry won't make the phones. I know there are others out there, but not enough to list. As I said in another thread, why would one upgrade from a Pixi to a Veer when the Pre3 is the same form factor and, theoretically, noticeably better phone? I'm aware there will be a price difference, but the Pre3 will have a better screen, larger battery, larger keyboard, and faster processor. Seems like a no brainer, and a dead end street for the candybar style WebOS device :\

    I wouldn't upgrade to a Veer even if it was on Verizon. Pre3 I would though, even though I'd rather not have a slider.


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