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    I overclocked my Pixi+. Nothing fancy. No advanced settings. I simply loaded the Uberkernel + Govnah and then chose "OnDemandTcl 749".

    I guess my conservative nature pointed me towards the "749" option. I have noticed after reading several other posts that this is a popular choice.

    Is there any reason not to go for "806"?
    Is it more risky?
    Less stable?
    I don't want to brick the phone.

    Is there an advantage to 749 over 806?
    Is the difference minimal?

    Thoughts??? Opinions???
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    The difference is minimal between the two, besides the obvious speed differences, and battery life, you'll notice that with 806 apps launch a lot faster, not only due to the clock speed but also do to the phone being able to clear out memory faster.

    I personally go for 806 with tweaked settings like a higher upthreshold and low compcache and find I get better battery life than with 749 and stock settings.
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    What about 749 vs. 806 with the stock settings?

    I really don't understand the advanced settings.

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