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    Since Amazon sells it for $63, I was wondering exactly what you do with an unlocked phone. Is there any charge to transfer service from my Verizon Palm Pre Plus to the Pixi? Could I still use Pre Plus as an iPod/USB drive? Or would it be possible to activate (without any charge) the Palm Pixi Plus?
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    There won't be a charge to transfer from Pre to Pixie. You already have a data plan.

    I transfered one of my lines to a Pixie Plus last night on verizon.

    You will however be going to a less capable (slower) phone but if your Pre is in bad shape or otherwise damaged you could use the Pixie until you contract is up and you can upgrade again. Sure beats paying full price for a Pre+.

    I think you could use the pre to run apps like the music player once it is deactivated by Verizon.

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    I've switched from my Pre+ to the new Pixi+ back to the Pre back to the Pixi in these last couple of weeks. Just need to jot down those MEID HEX numbers to type in on your online account.

    Not all apps are compatible on the Pixi, and it's kind of a pain getting things reloaded - so using different Palm Profiles would be worth it unless you own tons of apps that can be used on both. I'm currently evaluating how many i'd bother to buy on a second profile and if it's just a few bucks I'm going that route so I don't have to deal with the back and forth reloading of all data

    my Pre+ is in good shape but having two phones will make the last 12 months of my Pre+ contract a little more fun good luck!

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