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    I don't want to be redundant but I am confused. Confession: "It doesn't take much to confuse me."

    Is the Pixi+ overclocking still in the experimental stage or has it been released publicly? I noticed the stable kernel "uberkernel". I am new to Preware so that may have been there for some time.
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    released as in publicly available from the guys at WOSI that created it. You should give it a try!
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    Should I follow the instructions from the Pre Overclock video that was on the site? What about settings. In the Pre video they just used Screenstate is it that simple?
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    this is no big deal, just install preware via webos quickinstaller. in preware you will find govnah and thats all it takes to overclock.
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    I have preware. Do I install uberkerenel and then govnah? What about the govnah settings?
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    you need both, which to install first doesnt matter (i believe govnah will ask if to download uberkernel, too).

    After you have installed it open govnah and klick on Profil "Palm Stock" and choose a different kernel. Thats all.
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    OK. I did exactly that and chose OnDemanTcl 749. Do I need to do anything else?
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    nope, thats all it takes. You can tweek the profils with maunal setting, but i would not recommend this to you

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