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    just got a Palm Pixi Plus today from the O2 UK store in Edinburgh (rare find as various other O2 stores aint stocking them due to various reasons - all webOS devices are recalled, HP is withdrawing them because of the big announcement in february, cos its a tuesday etc)

    either way the Pixi Plus is an impressive phone and webOS has nice touches to it (like the swiping gestures and universal search)

    i currently own an iPhone 4 as well and if i hadn't had got one of those i could have very well have had this as its awesome - shame about the lack of apps for UK services but no matter!

    otherwise its a great impression so far!
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    Glad to see there are still people who are wanting WebOS devices. Hope it spreads like a virus on the 9th.
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    Welcome to the family,the lack of UK apps is the only major flaw.
    Hopefully in time it'll get there.
    Look to installing preware asap.
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    Hey cool, make sure you homebrew and overclock. Its a must.
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    Glad ya like it! I'd heavily recommend over clocking the little guy
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    Here's a link showing you how to install Preware:

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