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    Okay, guys. The February 9th event is right around the corner. Being that I'm in love with my stale old Pixi, I'm hoping they announce a successor to the little guy. As for what I'd like to see is not too extreme:

    Longer screen, higher resolution, slimmer, fast processor, long battery life, I'd also very much like to keep the physical keyboard, as I'm a huge fan of it.

    A few novel ideas I've had:

    If the gesture area swipe light could be different colors for different notifications. It'd be nice to have a blue blinking stripe, that way I know before I unlock it that I have a Facebook notification, or red for a missed call.

    Pipe dreams, pipe dreams.

    What are your thoughts on the Pixi successor?
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    Display: Same size or just a tad taller for a pre screen sized dispaly. Gorillaglas for the display. The keyboard with that many cutouts would be too expensive i believe, so this are can stay as it is.

    Gesture area: I would love when they change the led lightbar on the gesure are for a more complex display oled or something, which can show some small symbols.

    expample: you got a mail
    old pixi: blink blink blink
    new pixi: shows the email notifaction symbol and blinks also

    expample: facebook msg
    old pixi: ?
    new pixi: shows the facebook notifaction symbol and blinks also

    so you can choose if it is important or not to unlock the phone.

    back-Speaker: I would like to have a better speaker. The pixi speaker is *****. It is not loud enough, i makes a lot of white noise when in use and there should be two of them.

    Camera: I would need a better camera. Give me just 3 mpx, but in dslr quality and i would love it. A camera app like the iphone pro camera would be fantastic.

    Backcover: make it more durable, no peeling off. Would love a alu-cover

    Keyboard: stay as you are

    Mute toggle: make it more like the 3gs one, bigger and out of alu

    volume buttons: make it more durable, i would love when it has multifunctions

    example: volume up/down like it is at the moment, but when you are on a website it can also be used as a scrollbar by holding your finger up or down (n need to press, pressing=volume).

    example2: put them on top and a scrollarea o the right side

    headphone jack: use one which is more worth than 1cent

    cpu: speed up to 1ghz
    ram: 1gb would be fantastic

    memory: 6gig is ok

    battery: 1800mAh or 12h heavy use/ 48h normal use/ 3days with just calls/sms
    if you have to add a few mm on the back it is a price i would pay, as long as it is in the size of iphone.

    yep, thats all
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    Sounds beautiful.

    I just thought I'd share a quick mock up that I'm not entirely happy with, but it was done in secret while at work in my 10 minute lunch time from scratch. (I work at Google, remember, sneaky sneaky.)

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    i once tried to fit the pre screen into the pixi

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    I'd buy it. I think the first post summed up everything. I love the different color idea. Brilliant!
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    My wish list:

    1. A screen the size of the Pre/Pre2 as shown in post#4 (or slightly larger) by DirkGently. Samsung was showing devices at CES that had less wasted space on the front face very similar to this. Push the screen right to the edges.
    2. Slightly wider device for better key spacing and room for larger battery
    3. Larger battery capacity. The 1400mAH Mugen or more. 1800mAH would be really nice.
    4. Rework the entire mute switch. The slider on my Centro and Treo 650 were solid and didn't get caught on things. The Pixi switch gets loose and requires continual re-tightening of the small torx screws.
    5. Better camera - doesn't need to be crazy Megapixels, but a spec bump would be nice.
    6. 1-1.2GHz processor with at least 512MB memory. 1GB memory would be even better and turn this into a much more capable multi-tasking monster. RAM seems to be the original Pixi's achilles heel. Do not repeat that mistake to save a few pennies.
    7. All new webOS devices should ship with a touchstone back. I can accept buying touchstones as accessories, but the back too? "Touchstone ready" should mean that the phone is ready to slap on a touchstone and charge.
    8. Touchstone backs must not delaminate or have the metal piece by the magnet come off. I am in the plastic injection molding industry, and the current Pixi backs are a complete and utter fail by any measure. HP/Palm needs to find someone who knows what they're doing to manufacture these for them.
    9. Gorilla glass over the display
    10. Much Louder speakers - both internal and external.
    11. DO NOT sell it without Wi-Fi for any carrier at any price. Unacceptable.
    12. Storage spec bump. At least 16GB.
    13. MicroSD slot (please?)
    14. HP provided backup/restore app that backs up all data and settings in a compressed format to their palm account in the cloud, or the microSD, or both.
    15. A different name than Pixi. Seriously.
    16. Power button placement - I personally find the current spot very awkward with the phone in either hand. My suggestion is to swap the positions of the power button and mute switch. And make the mute switch a slider like previous Palm devices.
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    Gesture area all over? all for slides? sides can be used for scrolling?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrislo View Post
    Gesture area all over? all for slides? sides can be used for scrolling?
    I can see how that would be handy, but I doubt it's long term usefulness. Plus it'd require quite the bezel on the edges of the screen to look aesthetically pleasing.

    Honestly, I'm warming up to a slate phone idea with similar dimensions to the Pixi, if they can nail the onscreen keyboard right.

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