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    i have a palm pixi plus, i put it on a to go plan(AT&T) , its constantly sending me network messages, charging me as much as $6.00 a message
    . Is there any way to go into my settings to block this from happening , or what can i do to keep them from literally "robbing" me with out a gun....... Some one please e-mail me , to walk me through this problem step by step........ Thanks.......
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    shut off data. go to the phone app go to preferences and you will see a toggle switch for data. turn it off and on as needed. There are also some patches in Preware that make this easier by allowing you to shut data off in the device menu. I also recommend looking into mode switcher and data on demand.
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    i would use the webos doctor. Sounds like malware. Have you bought some ringtone with your phone? I also would explain this to at&t
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    Just one question for you, hatedbymany, what do you mean by "network messages"?
    Are you talking about text messages that you are receiving for $6 each? That would be a form of "premium messaging" (a lot of times these are scams, or services for xxx pics)

    If it is text messages... then disabling data does not stop text messages. By calling customer service, they could give you instructions -- usually to text a certain 5 digit number with the words "STOP" or "UNSUBSCRIBE"

    PM me if you'd like, I think I know exactly what this is b/c I've helped someone before.

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    god that sounds like a nightmare. Is this by fault of AT&T or the OP?

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