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  • Launch Day/Week Verizon Pixi Plus

    2 3.70%
  • Verizon Pixi Plus, purchased later

    31 57.41%
  • AT&T Pixi Plus

    3 5.56%
  • Sprint Pixi

    6 11.11%
  • A Pre, Pre Plus, Pre 2 or other WebOS phone

    19 35.19%
  • Non WebOS phone

    1 1.85%
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    As you may know, today is the 1st anniversary of Palm Pre and Pixi Plus on Verizon!!!

    I'm curious as to who on here is a Verizon Pixi owner are out there, and how many of you bought on launch day? Also, any ongoing problems or peeves with your Pixi on Verizon?

    I have the issue that most times I can't recieve mms (picture texts) but I love this phone soooo much.

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    I just ordered one last night for $59. I'm currently using a VZW Pre Plus and I love it but after 8 months I'm starting to experience some hardware issues.
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    I have a pre+ and a pixi+ and I love them both. The pixis keyboard is great. It is extremely light and thin.

    It is definitely underpowered though. Overclocking is essential. I've also added a 1400 mAH battery.

    I've had my pixi for 2 months now and it has become my main phone. My pre is used with wifi only now.

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    I'd take my Pixi+ over my sprint Pre any day. The form factor alone was worth the other compromises. It was even enough to drive me back from my Droid 2, but we all know WebOS is a seductive mistress.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sketh View Post
    WebOS is a seductive mistress.
    It totally is

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    I've got a pixi plus that I bought new for $90USD a month ago when I got new phone fever. It is a little bit underpowered it seems but is a great little phone with a keyboard that is much better in use than the Pre Plus.

    My biggest complaint is that there aren't many 3d games for it so it ends up being somewhat "all business".

    The size and weight are great and the battery life is noticeably better than the pre (and not simply because there are few games to play).

    Great phone that I have been happy to own. I reactivated my Pre today so that I could download all of the games I'm missing. I may just reactivate the pixi with a new profile so that I can keep the games on my pre but have the better phone for day-to-day use.
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    I have 3 Verizon Pixi+'s now, and don't have many complaints.

    got tired of problems with my Verizon Pre+.
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    I got one for my daughter. She seems to like it. I think the screen is too small but that's probably because I'm used to the Pre Plus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrish View Post
    My biggest complaint is that there aren't many 3d games for it so it ends up being somewhat "all business".
    But there is Angry Birds! ... yes I know that's not 3D

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    Just received Pixi Plus I ordered online from 3rd party seller, it's for my girlfriend, her other phone is not working right. How do I go about activating it for her? I'm guessing head to a verizon store.
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    I have a launch UK pre,and my son has a pixi.
    So i voted other webOS device.
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    I received my Pixi+ free via an upgrade through Verizon. I actually have two Pixis because my fiancÚ went on my plan and got one also.

    I've had it for almost a year now and haven't had any problems with it. Wish it had an emulator though
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    I have had a Pre Plus for about four months now. My wife tried it out and decided to upgrade to a Pixi Plus a month afterward. She was coming froma Blackberry and had learned to hate it. She has had her phone for 3 months now and has actually looked at me and thanked me for her phone because she loves it so much.
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    I have a verizon pixi plus and have for a while, and my sister just got a palm pre yesterday. These are really great phones, and I'm so thrilled to see such a tightly knit community around them.
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    two launch day Sprint Pres and just got one of the closeout Verizon Pixi Plus's yesterday. Love it so far I don't plan on using a Pre again.
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    Got my Pixi+ from the Verizon store back in December as part of an early upgrade type of thing - I had some major issues with LG ENV3 with multiple replacements and they let me upgrade to the Pantech Crux. A few days later, went to the store to swap out as that thing really didn't do justice for anything.

    After debating between the Droid or Pre' I chose the Pre' simply because it was cheaper in the exchange costs (Even exchange). It turned out that the store only had Droid's in due to the expected Holiday demand and the Pre' was out of stock. Then, an employee came from the back with their last Pixi+. I have been totally happy with it and not looked back! I have from day 2 or 3 of ownership installed patches and even overclocked it to my heart's content. Sure, a few issues from overclocking and custom kernals, but comes with the territory. A tweak or two later, it all goes well.

    If I were to go to the Pre', I am afraid I probably wouldn't be quite as happy, I have fallen in love with the form factor of the Pixi+ with the keyboard being accessible all the time.
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    i've gotten great use out of my pixi+...

    used it for a long time, and loved the form factor and feature set, but it had lag issues. I read about overclocking on here and fell in love all over again.

    I didn't like the pre, and I have a few complaints about the pixi, but nothing too big. And a lot of them are being fixed by the patches i've started looking through. Non-display of timestamps and such.
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    My friend has the Pre and hates it. I went ahead and got the Pixi Plus despite her warnings. So far I am enjoying the Pixi Plus but it's my first smart phone.

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