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    Hi, I'm new, sorry if I dont know what I'm talking about.

    I've read most of the threads regarding the Pixi and emulators for game boys (Visual Boy Advance to be specific) but they all seem a little dated or said "However, with the next update, the Pixi will be able to run PDK apps", is there a possibility the Pixi can now get at least game boy color games? I've played Ground Effect on my Pixi which is a 3d game so I wonder how hard a 2d game like Pokemon would be...

    I know there are several other kinds of emulators besides VBA (I had meboy on my blackberry 8530 which isnt that much faster?), can they be used?

    If its still just not possible now is there any hope for the future?


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    Hey "Jamesanderson" Welcome tot he forums, it's always okay to ask questions.

    As far as emulation goes in WebOS I've only tried it when I had my Pre, so I can't say if this will work on a Pixi as well, but: NES and GameBoy Emulators - WebOS Internals

    Has the information you'd need to get the ball rolling, although seeing as how you're new to this scene, if you don't have much background in phone tinkering it might be a bit daunting. There is no super easy way to put an emulator on the phones that I know of currently. I expect as better hardware is released and more excitement is built around WebOS and HP that it'll be easy as cake down the road.
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    It's not that PDK apps don't work on the Pixi it's that they need to be designed to work on the Pixi. The only emulator that has been built for the Pixi from the existing Pre builds was NesEm which is a NES emulator, not a GBA emulator.

    Now that there is a Pixi overclock kernal you could try contacting the VBA devs to see is they're planning to try building a Pixi version or not.
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    what added benefits does the PDK give to the Pixi that it didn't have before? The Pre never had any problems, has it always had the PDK?
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    So I just did the NES and GameBoy Emulators - WebOS Internals and I get loading errors I will post them when I can.
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    The Pixi's hardware is definitely capable of playing GBC games without overclocking. I used to play Game Boy games at half speed on my Palm IIIc, running at 18MHz or so, while the Pixi's ARM core runs at 600MHz. I think it can also play GBA games at full speed as well, but for that to happen, it might be necessary to write a dynamic recompiler to speed up the CPU emulation, which is substantially more effort.

    For GBC games, someone can just port a suitable GBC emulator to the Pixi using the PDK. Has anyone tried compiling VBA or gnuboy for the Pixi?

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