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    I tried to use my favourite sound-clips as ringtones on my Pixi+ (as I always do with all my phones). So I copied (USB PC way) all my mp3 files to /media/internals/ringtones folder. About 20 files or so.
    Then, when trying to select the ringtone (with sounds&ringtones app) I found that only a few new files had their name displayed !
    The rest showed blank, but they played fine. Actually I can select any "invisible" file and it rings when it has to.
    It is not about displaying ID3 instead filename (I saw this in other thread): I renamed a file and new name was displayed.
    This is not really an annoying issue, since I can always hear the file to select it, but I would like to know why some mp3 filenames are not shown.
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    I found the reason and I post it so anyone else knows too.

    If ID1 or ID3 exist, this is what is displayed.
    If they do not (or are NULL), then filename is displayed.

    That's what confused me.
    There is a pretty useful tool to mass change titles and so, mp3tag.
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